The Journey Towards Creating Effective Schools for All Learners

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We are the two authors, Michael Peterson and Mishael Hittie, professor and teacher, father and daughter. Together in this book and accompanying website, we explore how we can create classrooms and schools where all children are welcomed, where students with a wide range of abilities and characteristics successfully, enjoyably learn well together.

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Faculty Resource Center. A resource center for faculty teaching courses using Inclusive Teaching and related materials.

Student Learning Center. Student learning resources including key links and chapter learning activities and tools for each chapter.

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Related resources.

Both authors are involved on a daily basis with helping the ideas involved in Inclusive Teaching become a daily reality. Mishael daily teaches very diverse children at Vandenberg Elementary in Southfield, Michigan, an urban district bordering Detroit. Michael is Director of the Whole Schooling Consortium, a network of schools and individual teachers, parents, university faculty, and administrators, a program of the College of Education at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michgan. We invite you to explore information about the Consortium and its initiatives as a way to expand your learning. Many videos, pictures, articles, publications and other resources linked to this website have been developed by teachers, parents, administrators who have been involved with the Whole Schooling Consortium.