Exempt your child from the MEAP

Parents have notified us that some educators are telling them that your child is now required to take the MEAP and cannot be exempted. This simply is not true. See guidelines from the MEAP Manual and the School Code.

How should you respond?

First, ask the person to show you in writing, linked to state policy, that this is the case. Since such writing does not exist they will not be able to do so.

Second, write a letter stating that you do not want your child to be tested on the MEAP. You do not have to give any reason. You do need to be specific whether you want the child exempt from the total test or only portions. You should also indicate that you expect your child to receive educational activities during the MEAP examination time.

If you or your principal or teacher have any questions, you can call some truly helpful people we found at the MEAP Office at 517-373-8393.


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