International Perspectives on Inclusive Education. November 9, 2006 at Concordia University College of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For more information.

Whole Schooling Annual Conference. More information coming soon!!

First Whole Schooling International Conference. Cape Town, South Africa, 2008. More information coming soon!!


WHOLE SCHOOLING: Changing the World One School at a Time. May 12-13, 2006: Portland Oregon. The conference this year is being co-sponsored with the Parkrose School District in Portland, a district working to implement the Six Principles of Whole Schooling including movement to become a fully inclusive district. The conference will include opportunities for site visits to exemplary classrooms in Parkrose schools. The conference itself will occur in Parkrose High School, a new state-of-the-art facility designed as a community resource. Proposals for presentations related to any of the Six Principles of Whole Schooling are presently being accepted. You may also download a CONFERENCE FLYER for distribution. Come join us in an engaging, interactive conference of best practices for all students!!

Whole Schooling: Raising the Standard for ALL April 2005. Held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, this conference built on the Education Summit in Detroit in 2000 and linked themes of raising high learning for all students, inclusive schooling, citizenship, and community. The conference engaged participants in learning, sharing, and action plannin with presentations by thinkers and masters of their craft. See feedback from participants. This comment was representative: "√I’m a person in my 50’s. I ve gone to scores and scores of conferences over 3 decades. This is a conference that rises above the rest. The spirit was welcoming; the presentations contained both scholarly pieces as well as practical strategies. I feel rich, full and I don’t want to leave!!"

Education Summit 2000. In this year, the Whole Schooling Consortium, the Rouge Forum, and the Whole Language Umbrella collaborated in sponsoring a major international conference that drew progressive educators together representing a wide range of views. This event provides a template for future conferences being planned:summary, report.

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